Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00 Studio A:
10:00-11:00 Ballet/Hip-Hop (4-5 years)
Studio B:
10:00-11:00 Ballet/Jazz (7-8 years)
11:00 Studio A:
11:00-12:00 Ballet/Tap (5-6 years)
Intro to Dance
Studio B:
11:00-12:00 Ballet/Tap (4-5 years)
1:00 Studio A: 
1:00-1:45 Intro to Dance (2-3 year olds)
Studio B: 
1:00-2:00 Ballet/Jazz (4-5 year olds)
3:15 Studio A: 
3:15-4:00 Tap 2
Studio A:
3:15-4:00 Stretching & Turns II (No Recital)
Studio B:
3:15-4:00 Breakdancing
4:00 Studio A: 
4:00-5:00 Mini Team Technique
Studio B: 
4:00-5:00 Ballet/Tap (4-5 years)
Studio A:
4:00-5:00 Boys Breakdancing
Studio B:
4:00-5:00 Leaps & Jumps II (No Recital)
Studio A:
4:00-5:00 Ballet/Tap (6-7 years)
Studio B:
4:00-5:00 Ballet/Tap (5-6 years)
Studio A:
4:00-5:00 Ballet/Hip-Hop (5-6 years)
Studio B:
4:00-5:00 Ballet/Jazz (6-7 years)
Studio A:
4:00-5:00 Ballet/Tech (9 years)
Studio B:
4:00-5:00 Jazz 10-12 years)
5:00 Studio A: 
5:00-6:00 Mini Team Choreography
Studio B: 
5:00-6:00 Full Time Junior Choreo-Jazz
Studio A: 
5:00-6:00 Ballet Tech II
Studio B:
5:00-6:00 Tap I
5:00-6:00 Musical Theater (10-12 years)
Studio B:
5:00-6:00 Jazz/Hip-Hop (8 years)
Studio A:
5:00-6:00 Jazz (9-10 years)
Studio B:
5:00-6:00 Ballet/Jazz (7-8 years)
Studio A:
5:00-6:00 Production
6:00 Studio A: 
6:00-7:00 Part Time Junior Technique
Studio B:
6:00-7:00 Lyrical (10-12 years)
Studio A:
6:00-7:00 Part Time Junior Choreography
Studio B:
6:00-7:00 Lyrical/Contemporary Teen
Studio A:
6:00-7:00 Hip-Hop (9-12 years)
Studio B:
6:00-7:00 Ballet (10-12 years)
Studio A:
6:00-7:00 Jazz (12-14 years)
Studio B:
6:00-7:00 Ballet (10-12 years)
6:30 Studio A: 
6:30-7:30 Full Time Junior Choreo- Musical Theater Group
7:00 Studio A: 
7:00-8:00 Jazz-Teen
Studio B: 
7:00-8:00 Ballet Tech 1
Studio A:
7:00-8:00 Full Time Junior Technique
Studio B:
7:00-8:00 Musical Theater Teen
Studio A:
7:00-8:00 Acro (9 & Up)
Studio B:
7:00-8:00 Jazz (10-12 years)
Studio A:
7:00-8:00 Teen Ballet
Studio B:
7:00-8:00  Pointe
8:00 Studio A: 
8:00-9:00 Senior Technique
Studio B: 
8:00-9:00 Leaps & Jumps 2 (No Recital)
Studio A:
8:00-9:00 Ballet Tech III
Studio A:
8:00-9:00 Hip-Hop (Teen)
Studio A:
8:00-9:00 Senior Choreography

Summer Class Schedule

Come Dance with us this Summer!

Summer Classes run from July 10th-August 16th

Cost: 1 class per week- $120.00

2 classes per week- $220.00

3 or more classes per week: $300.00


5:00pm Intro to Dance (2-3 year olds)

6:00pm Studio A: Ballet I Studio B: Jazz/Hip-Hop (7-8 year olds)

7:00pm Ballet II and III


5:00pm Studio A:Intro to Dance (2-3 year olds)

Studio B: Ballet/Jazz (4-5 year olds)

6:00pm Junior/Senior Jazz Technique

7:00pm Legs and Abs


5:00pm Ballet/Tap (5-6 year olds)

6:00pm Studio A: Ballet/Hip-Hop (7-8 year olds)

Studio B: Beginner Pointe (Invitation Only)

7:00pm Junior/Senior Lyrical

*Any dancers joining our 2018-19 Competition Team MUST enroll in a Summer Technique Class*

**Schedule is subject to change.

Competition Team Try-Outs

Thursday, June 21st

5:30-6:30pm- Ages 5-10

6:30-7:30pm- Ages 11 and up

7:30-8:30pm- All Specialty Groups- Hip-Hop- Lyrical-

Ballet and Tap (Full Time Dancers Only- Unless invited)

*NEW* this year- Production Only- For dancers that would like to compete but can not commit to the hours of the Part-Time or Full-Time Teams. (Production Only Option is for dancers 9 and up- Must be enrolled in a weekly Technique class as well as Production Choreography)

Please send your dancer to the try-out in a black leotard, black dance shorts, tan tights and tan jazz shoes. Hair must be secured back in a ponytail or bun.

**All dancers interested in Competing in the Fall must enroll in a Summer Technique class**

Please view our 2018-19 Team Rules and Regulations on our website before attending tryouts. www.gonedancingli.com